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How Nitrile Gloves Keeps Your Hands Clean and Protected While Keeping Others Safe from Your Hands.

bulk nitrile gloves

The world has changed in 2020 in ways no one really saw coming. The pandemic has made wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) a normal part of daily life. We wear masks in public to keep ourselves and our communities from contracting a deadly virus and some need to wear gloves too. Nitrile gloves are also important tools to keep yourself safe.

What Are Disposable Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves first appeared on the market in the mid-1990s. Unlike disposable latex gloves, nitrile gloves are synthetic and contain no latex proteins. Nitrile is short for acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber. This material is created from monomers – acrylonitrile and butadiene – which are molecules that are bonded together. They are a great alternative for those who have a sensitivity to natural latex because they are latex-free and have exceptionally low allergy rates of less than 1% of users.

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Nitrile Glove Manufacturers

Latex gloves require the sap from rubber trees which are found mostly in the Amazon rainforest and Southeast Asia. Nitrile gloves are less complicated to make because they do not require latex. They are produced all over the world. There are few nitrile glove distributors that can offer wholesale pricing, iSafetyWear.com is one of those companies. We can deliver from 1 to 10 Million boxes.

Benefits of Nitrile Gloves
Chemical Resistance

Nitrile gloves provide more chemical resistance than latex gloves. They hold their shape and continue to provide the protection you need. When exposed to some solvents or oils (mineral oils, vegetable oils, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel, or even oil-based hand creams) latex can become sticky and misshapen and stops being effective. Therefore, these gloves are among the preferred choices for automotive, food processing, and safety applications.

A big, often overlooked, advantage of nitrile gloves is that the material has a tendency to tear when compromised. A latex glove will remain intact with a small puncture and could potentially be overlooked and result in injuries to the wearer. This is a major advantage of a nitrile glove over a latex glove when dealing with hazardous substances. Please note that it is always important to check your glove for any punctures prior to using it with any hazardous substances. While the Nitrile tear feature is an advantage, it cannot be relied upon as an effective preventative measure.

Cut Resistant

Disposable bulk nitrile gloves are three to five times more puncture resistant than latex. Dentists prefer this material because of the strength and durability, especially with the sharp tools they use. With durable nitrile gloves, dentists and hygienists can better maintain a safe barrier between themselves and their patients.


One key consideration when buying wholesale disposable bulk nitrile gloves is how they fit a wearers’ hands. Nitrile gloves are lightweight and conform to hands as they are warmed by body heat. This tight fit results in a bare hand feel. This feature, coupled with the textured fingertips on the nitrile gloves from iSafetyWear.com, offers excellent flexibility, which is important in situations where you want to be protected but also need dexterity and sensitivity.

The tight fit and superior performance allow them to be worn comfortably for an extended period of time. Experience far less hand fatigue with these gloves as they are manufactured to withstand friction efficiently.

Buying Wholesale Nitrile Gloves is Cost-Effective

Nitrile is less complicated and more cost-effective to produce than natural latex rubber. Disposable nitrile gloves can be used repeatedly which saves you money. They don’t stick together, saving you headaches. To get the best prices, it is always recommended to purchase Nitrile Gloves as Wholesale rather than retail.

When you buy disposable gloves in bulk for your office or workplace, the gloves can sit in storage for a while. It’s hard to know if those gloves at the back of the shelf will offer the same level of protection as the box you opened when the shipment first arrived.

The expected shelf life of disposable nitrile gloves is five years, this is 60% longer than the shelf life of disposable natural latex gloves. While most manufacturers won’t guarantee it, many disposable nitrile gloves have been known to last up to 10 years in storage without any obvious or significant damage. As long as they are kept in the original packaging and don’t expose them to moisture nitrile gloves will last for years.


Nitrile gloves can be worn over gloves made of other materials to make them waterproof. This is especially applicable for those who use gloves to stay warm or prevent blisters.

Anti-Static Qualities

Nitrile gloves have good anti-static properties making them great for the electronics industry.

Who Can Benefit from Nitrile Glove Bulk Pricing?
Offices and Factories Reopening After Covid-19 Shut Down

health safety bulk nitrile glovesThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidelines for a return to work. The use of face masks and continuous cleaning of surfaces is required. Temperature screenings using a no-touch thermometer upon entering a workplace are recommended as well. The PPE needed to conduct those temperature screenings include a face mask, glass or plexiglass barrier, and disposable nitrile gloves.

Any facility that has multiple people touching the same product can add a layer of protection for their workers and customers by having employees wear gloves. Purchasing disposable nitrile gloves in bulk from iSafetyWear.com reduces your costs while fulling your glove needs for cleaning and conducting temperature screenings.

Medical and Dental Professionals need Nitrile Gloves in Large Quantities

medical bulk nitrile glovesTo be considered “Medical Grade” disposable nitrile gloves are tested to be sure they can adequately protect medical personnel. The barrier effectiveness of gloves refers to their ability to withstand viral penetration. Medical gloves that pass Viral Penetration Tests (ASTM1671D) provide an effective barrier against bloodborne pathogens, as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

People working in hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, and dental clinics deal with a lot of risks. Medical and dental professionals need to protect themselves from germs, blood pathogens, viruses, and harmful microorganisms. Nitrile gloves are three times more puncture resistant than regular latex gloves making them the preferred glove of the medical community.

Disposable medical exam gloves made of nitrile are the most commonly used type of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in research laboratories and animal care facilities. According to OSHA, employees are required to use appropriate hand protection (medical gloves) when the employees’ hands are potentially exposed to hazards such as harmful substances, severe cuts or lacerations, severe abrasions, punctures, chemical burns (OSHA 1994c).

Dentists prefer nitrile gloves because they and their hygienists can maintain a better safety barrier between themselves and their patients. The puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is especially important when using sharp dental tools.

While working with patients, hygiene is incredibly important. Cross-transmission, the spreading of harmful microorganisms from one surface to the other, can be prevented with the regular use of disposable nitrile gloves.

Day Care Centers

Infants and small children have immature immune systems and are susceptible to microorganisms that can cause illness. The use of nitrile gloves by daycare and child care personnel provides an important barrier of protection against contact with body fluids and various types of germ contamination.

If changing diapers occurs by the daycare or child care provider, disposable nitrile gloves should be worn and the changing station should be done is a designated area that is cleaned after each use. Only one person should handle the diaper and dispense of it properly. Gloves should also be worn when wiping or blowing little noses, and when feeding children.

To protect the daycare provider’s hands, disposable gloves should be worn when cleaning and disinfecting playrooms and objects that children drool on or put in their mouths. Purchasing disposable nitrile gloves in bulk from iSafetyWear.com can save a daycare center money.

Tattoo Parlors

Medical grade nitrile gloves are the first line of defense against blood, bodily fluids, and possible bloodborne pathogens for tattoo and body piercing artists. There are certain practices that must be followed during tattoo and body piercing procedures to ensure the safety of the client, the artist, and anyone else who may come in contact with contaminated materials.

Federal law requires Tattoo and Piercing artists to follow the Universal or Standard Precautions guidelines, as laid out by OSHA and the CDC, in regulated areas. “Employees exposed to safety and health hazards should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, to be protected from exposure to those hazards.”

Veterinarian Clinics

veterinarian bulk nitrile glovesWhen a pet is taken to a veterinarian, they are frightened and may try to defend themselves against people they think of as strangers who want to harm them. This is just one of the many risks veterinary staff is exposed to throughout the day. The puncture-resistant quality of disposable nitrile gloves is just one of the advantages of using them in a veterinary practice.

Disposable nitrile gloves are used for veterinary exams, the administering of medications, and other medical treatment plus the care of animals. During dental procedures, disposable nitrile gloves are especially useful protection for veterinarians. An animal’s mouth contains saliva, plaque, bacteria, and sometimes foreign bodies. During dental cleanings, blood and other biohazards may also be present. Wearing proper barrier protection on your hands keeps people and pets safe.

Many veterinarians are affiliated with onsite dog and cat grooming and boarding facilities. Disposable exam veterinary gloves make feeding, grooming, and cleaning up pet waste much easier. In addition, they help prevent the transmission of diseases from one animal to another. Disposable gloves aid in protecting people from dirt, bacteria, and biohazards.

Food Prep

All food processing/food handling nitrile gloves are manufactured in accordance with Food and Drug Administration(FDA) specifications (510-K Certified), U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) guidelines, and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) for food handling, food processing, and food preparations. These gloves are safe in all USDA, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) inspected establishments. The FDA makes sure that manufacturers of medical grade disposable food processing/food handling nitrile gloves meet performance criteria such as leak resistance, tear resistance, etc.

Nitrile gloves are perfect for food preparation because they can be used wet or dry. They can also be used around moderate heat for tasks that handle oils, grease, and cooking proteins because nitrile does not degrade when it comes in contact with cooking oils or animal fats.

When different colored gloves are used for different food types, nitrile gloves can help reduce cross-contamination between meats and vegetables. If you run a restaurant buying nitrile gloves in bulk and using them daily can keep your customers safe, your kitchen on the safety inspector’s good side, and your expenses low. iSafetyWear.com sells gloves in blue and purple in sizes medium and large.

Another huge benefit of nitrile gloves, they do not contain dioxin (a carcinogen) or phthalates like vinyl gloves. Phthalates have been shown to leach from gloves into the human body and leach into and evaporate into food, particularly fatty food. Some phthalates have been found to adversely affect human health and are on California’s list of known carcinogens.

In addition, studies have proven vinyl gloves have an increased permeability to bacteria and viruses, and in some cases begin leaking as soon as they are donned. New research also shows vinyl gloves are an ineffective barrier during food handling and have three times the cross-contamination potential of quality nitrile gloves.

Bulk Nitrile Work Gloves are Needed in Industrial Settings

Beyond keeping hands clean, disposable nitrile gloves hands from harmful chemicals and solvents in manufacturing and production areas. Workers wearing nitrile gloves still have dexterity and sensitivity helping them avoid accidents and bodily injuries. Work gloves are not medical grade, but they are still effective protection in the workplace.

Puncture resistance plus chemical resistance makes nitrile gloves perfect for janitorial work like spill clean-up and contact with chemical cleaners and oils. Purchasing those disposable nitrile gloves in bulk from iSafetyWear.com will reduce your costs and keep your employees safe and clean.


Disposable nitrile gloves are perfect for use in the automotive and petrochemical fields because of their oil resistant property. They can also be washed like hands and worn comfortably for several hours.

Before the general acceptance of disposable nitrile gloves in the garage, mechanics would work barehanded. The benefit of this was the ability to feel what they were doing during detailed work. The exceptional fit and bare hand feel of disposable nitrile gloves make them perfect for detail work and the textured fingertips provide the best grip on dirty parts and tools.

The drawback to working barehanded is filthy hands that can transfer dirt, oil, and grease to other surfaces before a mechanic had a chance to wash up. Unfortunately, the harsh cleaners and solvents needed to get bare hands truly clean after working on cars would melt the skin off your fingers.

Disposable nitrile gloves are tough enough to resist the harsh environment of automotive engines: oils and grease, transmission fluids, brake fluids, anti-freeze, and battery acid. They also protect hands against the harsh chemicals used for cleaning a garage.

It is rare to visit a garage or tire shop today where mechanics are not wearing nitrile gloves. iSafetyWear.com is a nitrile glove supplier that can meet your bulk needs without emptying your bank account.


Strippers, thinners, primers, and paints all contain chemicals that can pass through the skin and enter your body. To protect yourself, wear chemical-resistant painting gloves every time you handle paint materials, and especially during paint mixing, spraying, and paint gun cleaning. Nitrile gloves are more chemically resistant than other disposable gloves available on the market.

All painting gloves do not provide the same level of protection. Nitrile painting gloves provide an excellent barrier to paints and organic solvents – the chemicals that are some of the toughest on gloves. Nitrile painting gloves stand up to a variety of harsh chemicals, cleaners, solvents, epoxies, adhesives, paints, greases, oils, and bases. Latex gloves, on the other hand, are not a good choice for most painting jobs. Latex gloves offer little or no protection because they rapidly degrade when exposed to many chemicals found in paint materials.

Disposable nitrile gloves react to your body temperature and conform to the shape of your hand, making them exceptionally snug. The softness, sensitivity, and flexibility mean they can be worn all day with far less hand fatigue than other gloves.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency recommends using nitrile gloves to provide a protective barrier between hands and paint and organic solvents. They are resilient and chemical-resistant products that cannot be damaged or torn away easily.

A Bit of Backstory: When Did People Start Wearing Gloves?

Joseph Lister, a British surgeon, was a pioneer of sterile surgery and became known as “father of modern surgery”. Before Lister’s work in the mid-1860s, the same instruments used on diseased cadaver might be used on a woman giving birth without being cleaned. This led to a lot of unnecessary deaths. Hand washing and the use of carbolic acid to sterilize surgical tools and clean wounds led to a reduction in post-operative infections and made surgery safer for patients.

Unfortunately, carbolic acid is hard on the skin and nurses were getting dermatitis and other skin irritations from the chemical. In the 1880s Dr. William Stewart Halsted, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, asked the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company if they could make a rubber glove that could cope with being dipped in carbolic acid to protect his nurse’s hands. A year later the gloves were being used on a daily basis for medical procedures at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The first “disposable” latex gloves were manufactured in 1964 by Ansell in Melbourne, Australia. There was a stable and steady demand for latex gloves until the early 1990s when the demand increased considerably. This boost in demand was primarily due to the increased awareness of the HIV virus and the risks to medical staff who were concerned that they may catch the disease without adequate protection. So hospital glove purchases increased dramatically.

Other professions needed to protect themselves from the risk of infection too. Police departments, dentists, beauticians, and aid workers started buying gloves in bulk as well. Nitrile gloves first appeared on the market in the mid-1990s to address the issue of latex sensitivity. At that time nitrile gloves did not serve as a replacement for its predecessor but was an additional product that helped meet the increased demand.

Nitrile gloves proved to be a lot more versatile than latex, so it was a product aimed at another market need: chemical resistance.

Latex Allergy is Another Major Drawback for Glove Wearers?

Latex has one big drawback — a lot of people are sensitive or downright allergic to it. The longer the gloves are worn the more likely an allergy will develop. For some people, exposure to latex will bring on irritant contact dermatitis. They develop dry, itchy, irritated areas on the skin after contact with latex. This is not a full-blown allergy.

Those with allergic contact dermatitis have a more difficult time. When exposed to the chemicals added to natural rubber latex during harvesting, processing, or manufacturing these folks develop a poison ivy-like rash within 24 to 48 hours after contact. The rash may progress to oozing skin blisters or spread away from the original contact area.

Those with a true latex allergy have the most serious reaction when they make contact. They may have a reaction within minutes of exposure, or it can occur hours later. Mild reactions involve skin redness, hives, or itching. More severe reactions involve respiratory symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing, coughing spells, and wheezing. Some even go into shock.

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